Kango named by inventor Michelle Messina, who created the 1st food container with Pocket worldwide

earning title as invetor and a Canadian Patent.

Predominantly useful for: Popcorn Bags

in hopes to solve hygeine issues of cleaniness prior to eating & convenience of

having a: wetnap and toothpick after eating.

Perfect for movie-goers in the theatres to enhance their experience and comfort.

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Yes, one can carry individual items at the threate like napkins or seasoning pack

but where do you put them?

The other items the inventor is requesting are not being served at theatres to date like a wetnap or toothpick.


After a long journey, as seen on Dragon's Den two divisions were created:

Kango Inc and Kango Naturals

The product launched at Brett Wilson's Polo for Heart and Stroke

whereby Kernals Sponsored Michelle's company Kango Inc with complimentary popcorn for her

patented bag with pocket holding: a wetnap, toothpick, luxury napkins, Michelle's business card, and a Kernals Popcorn coupon.

Guests loved the idea and it was a big success.

The test market was at Cineplex Odeon during TIFF for the World Premier of Forsaken with Kiefer Sutherland & Donald Sutherland

the opening film for the international film festival.

Kiefer Sutherland was presented the invention during the question and answer period and his repsonse, just after

saying the theatre expeince has not changed in 40 years.

"I take it back, the theare experience has finally evolved, great idea!"

The look on his face, and the attendees enjoying the invetnion said it all!

Servers where hired to serve the popcorn bags with pocket and boxed popcorn with pocket holding:

a wetnap, luxury napkin, toothpick and Michelle Messina's businss card for Kango Inc.

Another big success and ironically Michelle's other company Pocket Pictures was hired to do the video for the private meet & interview

When the universe alligns it does so in a big way!

What footage of this event:



Kango Inc. has also aquired rights to distribute Libre Tea glasses, Kango Naturals beauty products and of course the patented Bag with pocket

now being created on lunch bags for grocers.

Kango Inc. a leader in innovative products made in Canada

with everything made and assembled in Toronto Ontario Canada

using only the finest of recycled paper, evironmetnal plastics that are recyclable and natural ingredients

soon to be launched in stores.


Libre Tea Glasses Kango being the Ontario distributor in speciality stores.

This useful product Woman owned from British Columbia, Canada is a thermal glass used for infusing teas or fruits, hot or cold

with a durble PBA-Free Plastic exterior, for the go multi-purpose beverage container.

Watch Libre's Corporate video created by Michelle Messina at her production company Pocket Pictures



Kango Bag with pocket - Popcorn bags, lunch bags, take-out bags custom orders

Kango can implement patent to your existing bag, food container or box.


NOW BAGGING: More than Popcorn

Gift bag assembly services are offered too

Newiest addition is Kango Naturals to extend family business:

visit: Kango Naturals - Beauty Products handmade: soaps, scrubs, natural perfume and room sprays.


Special Moment Photos:

September 17, 2015 Kango's World Premiere in theatres at Varsity VIP Cineplex With servers!

Yes servers! At Cineplex Odeon Theatres!

Pocket Pictures captured the event view video: play video

Kango Inc World Premiere at Cineplex Odeon the Pouch on Popcorn bag

VIP TIFF attendees had the special privilege of expriencing first hand the Kango invention using Cineplex Odeon's Popcorn bags & Poptopia Carmamel Popcorn Boxes utilizing the Kango Pocket

In pocket attendees found: A wetnap, toothpick, and luxury linen napkin! The second surprise was Kiefer Sutherland showed up for a half an hour Q&A.

Inventor Michelle Messina with Kango Pocket on Popcorn Bag TIFF Cineplex VIP Theatres


Inventor Michelle Messina, was introduced and presented Kiefer Sutherland with the Popcorn bag with pocket,

Michelle Messina was also the hired Videographer at Pocket Pictures for the event.

Kiefer said after being asked about technology, he elaborated that the theatre experience hasn't changed in 40 years and is behind on the times

...that was the cue for Ms. Messina to be introduced

Upon a formal introduction, she presented him with the popcorn bag with pocket, with her patented invention she has struggled to get into theatres for years!

He said "Very Cool, I take back about the theatre experience, this is an improvement!"

TIFF Kiefer Sutherland Michelle Messina Pocket Pictures

Kiefer Sutherland inventor Michelle Messina Presented with Patented Popcorn bag with pocketKiefer Sutherland Kango Inc Patented Popcorn Bag inventor: MIchelle Messina


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Specialty Bags, Ready to eat food bags, Popcorn Bags and More...all with a Pocket of course!

Bring hygeine back into your life, the easy way. Simple rule: clean your hands before you eat!

Michelle Messina inventor of:

Patented food container with pocket(s). Said container could be: a pizza box, popcorn bag, paper bag, lunch bag, grocery bag....unleash your imagination. Now, just think of all those extra things you can stuff in a pocket! Seasoning packs, toothpicks, wet naps, forks, chopsticks, napkins, condiments, coupons, prizes, samples, extra food, receipt, movie tickets, side orders....and much more! Exclusive rights! Book an appointment today.

Best Theatre Experience ever! Kiefer Sutherland loves Kango Pocket on Popcorn bag Inventor: Michelle Messina

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